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A wise man once said, "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." By anyone's measure, De Benedetti Construction has certainly achieved success. Much of that day in and day out effort has come from owner, Dominic De Benedetti, who has gained reputation for doing the best job every time.
"We are very dependable, very honest, and we do quality work. We are family owned and operated. Our business focuses mainly on residential construction, including additions and remodels, but our real expertise lies in building garages, shops and open or enclosed RV covers.
The structure is customized to the client's specifications, and over the years, we've had experience with a wide range of shapes and sizes for a variety of uses. At De Benedetti Construction we take pride in the work our team produces. we do the foundation, the roof; it's all finished and it's all weather tight.

Our knowledge is invaluable when it comes to helping customers get exactly the kind of construction they need in a surprisingly short period of time. We are punctual and when someone calls us, we get right on it. As to timeline, a 24' X 24' building usually takes about three days. A 24' X 36' usually in four days.
No doubt our 31 years in business gives us the edge when it comes to accurate estimates as well as top quality construction methods. We do only one estimate. We do not give an estimate and the come back and say it's going to cost you more - it never changes.
At De Benedetti Construction we have worked hard to build and maintain a reputation of which we are very proud. The quality of our workmanship speaks for itself and has kept our phone ringing for 31 years. Our company has an excellent reputation, we have never had a complaint and our record is perfectly clean!


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